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Mallorca Property Market Report

Published on 6th August 2018

Mallorca continues to see property prices on the increase.  In the last quarter of 2017 it showed an increase of 4.32 percent whilst many experts expect 2018 will show increases in excess of 10% in areas of high demand.
 Mallorca Property Report

One of the reasons the island’s property market has continued to be robust is that there’s never been the issue of oversupply. The island’s local planning authorities have been very careful regarding the greenbelt areas and preventing over building, thus retaining much of the beauty of the island.

The demand from international buyers and investors is expected to continue, and with constant improvements to the island’s infrastructure and the low crime rate, Mallorca is becoming increasingly popular with overseas buyers wishing to relocate permanently. Mallorca will continue to be one of Europe’s top destinations to live.

Brexit seems to have had little or no effect on UK buyers despite the currency difference. Many believe the island still offers a safe haven to park their funds and at the same time have a second home to enjoy.

The German and English markets continue to be strong. We have also seen a large increase over the last two years from the Scandinavian and French markets.

The overall picture looks promising. We expect market conditions to remain the same, with high demand from buyers of multi nationalities.

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