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  • Coastal Properties On TV, I Place In The Sun on Channel 4 UK TV

    Published on 7th February 2020

    Mallorca-based real estate agency Coastal Properties Mallorca recently viewed an 8.8 million euro villa on the Island with TV presenter Jasmine Harman for British Channel 4 show A Place In The Sun. The episode will broadcast this winter. Stay tuned! A Place in the Sun is a British Channel 4 lifestyle television series about attempting to find a "perfect property" on the market in the United Kingdom,…

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  • The new PAM travelling food market

    Published on 12th February 2019

    New for 2019 is the introduction of the PAM travelling street market, promoting healthy farm products & eco foods.   The market will take place in Porreres on the first Saturday of every month, in Algaida on the second Saturday of the month & in Montuiri on the third Saturday.  All will be in the main town or church squares.  There's always something to do in winter in Mallorca.

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  • Rural life in Mallorca?

    Published on 19th January 2019

    Looking to immerse yourself in rural life in Mallorca?  There are all sorts of traditions here & the start of the year brings Sant Antoni, an important local festival beginning on 17th January. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of animals & on this day, blessings of animals are held across Mallorca.  All manner of animals are paraded before the local church - horses, cattle, dogs,…

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  • Mallorca Property Market Report

    Published on 6th August 2018

    Mallorca continues to see property prices on the increase.  In the last quarter of 2017 it showed an increase of 4.32 percent whilst many experts expect 2018 will show increases in excess of 10% in areas of high demand.     One of the reasons the island's property market has continued to be robust is that there’s never been the issue of oversupply. The island's local planning…

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